The 2013 Speed Skating National Championships are near with athletes travelling to Perth for the commencement of state team training on Sunday and official competition on Monday.

Click here for official program of events.

With over 80 skaters from across Australia and one from New Zealand, this championship is set to be highly competitive between the state teams especially those racing to gain selection into the 2013 International teams that will skate Oceania’s in Brisbane and World’s in Belgium later in the year.

Updates will be uploaded as received from Perth.

Like the Skate Australia Facebook for photos.


Day 1

R1 - R24 200m Time Trial
R25 U10 750m

R26 - R33 3000m

R34 - R37 Pts.Elim

Day 2

R38 - R62 500m Events
R64 - R69 5k 10k 20k Events

Day 3
R70 - R90 1000m Events
R91 - R93 U10 - 12 1500m Events

R94 - R104 5000m

Day 4

T01 - T20 300m Time Trial
T21 - T24 1500m Events
T25 - T33 3000m Events
T34 - T51 1000m Events


Day 5
T52 - T78 500m Events
T79 U10 750m
T80 - T85 5000m Events


Day 6
M1 - M6 Marathon Events

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