It is an election year for the Skate Australia board, with nominations now open for the positions of President and Treasurer.


If you are interested in nominating for either of these positions, click here to download the relevant forms.

Nominations and CV's must be submitted to the CEO by 4pm AEST, August 23rd.

We promised, and now we have delivered! SkateFIT can now be located across 18 different outlets Australia Wide!

What is SkateFIT? Click here to find out!

After months of training up instructors, Skate Australia is happy to announce that SkateFIT is now officially launched.

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To stay up to date with class timetables in your state, follow the links below to like the relevant State SkateFIT Facebook pages.


With more states and our Territories to come!

As a SkateFIT participant you get the full welcome pack which consists of 12 months insurance, a water bottle and a gym bag, as well as a new fun way to get active and healthy!
Contact your nearest outlet now!

Congratulations to the team of Melbourne skaters who performed in two shows in last weekend’s State School Spectacular at Hisense Arena.  

The team performed to an 80 piece orchestra who played the sound track by Daft Punk from the Tron Legacy. 
A big congratulations to Sue-Ellen Shook and Jayson Sutcliffe who have worked tirelessly with the team of skaters over the past few months with rehearsals since April.  Would also like to acknowledge Neill Gladwin (Creative Director) and Isaac Lummis (costume designer) for all their help and support to the team.  This is the first time that skaters have featured in the State School Spectacular and it was truly a fantastic experience! 

It was a great experience for skaters to be part of this amazing show demonstrating the diversity of our sports including Artistic Skating, Speed Skating and Freestyle.
The televised highlights of the show will be on Channel 7 on Sunday 20 October 2013 from 2.30pm – 4.30pm.

Click here to watch the performance.


The State School Spectacular event held on Saturday 27 July 2013 included a cast of almost 3,000 Victorian government school students, working towards a common goal in a collaborative, competition-free environment. 
Its dual aim was to provide an invaluable performing arts opportunity to Victoria’s government school students and to showcase the enormous talent that exists in the schools. This all came together in a 2-3 hour scripted show that celebrated a diversity of performance mediums, including choir, dance, vocal, drama, and orchestra.

Students who participated in the Victorian State Schools Spectacular were provided with a unique opportunity to work with internationally renowned industry professionals across all disciplines, as well as the amazing experience of performing live in front of thousands of people.

The Department’s Performing Arts Unit is responsible for the production of the Victorian State Schools Spectacular.
Established in 1995, the Unit’s philosophy is to promote the performing arts in Victorian government schools by offering students outstanding performance opportunities.

The Performing Arts Unit has provided over 33,000 Victorian government school students with unforgettable experiences and offered support and information to the Victorian government school community.

The 2013 Victorian State Schools Spectacular – There’s No Place Like Home, features and 80-piece orchestra, 1500-voice choir, 1400 mass dancers, 23 lead vocalists, 25 principal dancers, 25 ensemble dancers, 14 backing vocalists, 42 roller skaters and 35 circus performers from the National Institute of Circus Arts.

altFollowing the launch of the new national Learn to Skate program known as “SKATE STARS” in rinks and venues across Australia in 2012, we are now pleased to announce that we have created a wonderful new website for you to learn more about this program and have better access to its curriculum and resources. will give you all the information you need to know about the program and has all the links you need to the registration and order forms as well as photos, insurance details and coaches course information.

It has been designed to be easy to use and relevant to all user groups including rink, clubs, skaters and coaches!

This exciting Skate Australia program has been specifically designed to provide a smooth and safe progression through the skills that are required to become a competent and successful roller skater. The program accounts for both quad and inline skates and has been designed based on a wide variety of coaching methods and proven program curriculums from around Australia.  The program features a five “Star level” curriculum created by some of Australia best and most experienced skating coaches across all sporting disciplines. SKATE STARS is currently being implemented in over 15 venues around Australia and is growing every day!

Within each STAR LEVEL is a range of skills that the skater must learn in order to achieve the Star and move on to the next level. Following the completion of all five levels the skater will be able to smoothly transition into any of the chosen skate sports and on their way to becoming a star!

The program is now available to rinks and affiliated clubs and is accompanied by a full package of resources and material to make the program run as professionally and easy as possible. This package includes:

•    A full set of 52 Activity Cards with photo illustrations and tips on how to teach each of the skating skills.
•    Coaches T-Shirts to identify them as a skate stars instructor
•    Full colour awesome Certificates for each star level as an achievement reward for the skaters.
•    Coaches guide sheets and lanyards to assist instructors to follow the program structure at all times.
•    Specially designed Posters and promotional flyers to promote the program within your area.
•    Electronic files of all branding and promotional images
•    Support from Skate Australia staff and network of coaches

Skate Stars offers a national structure and a strong image/branding opportunity which provides much needed professionalism and wow factor to all learn to skate classes. Whether you are a rink, school or affiliated club you can use this program to enhance the enjoyment and effectiveness of your learn to skate classes and ensure all skaters are having learning all the skills properly and  safely while having fun!

If you would like more information about this program and resources or to register your rink or club as a deliverer please contact Aaron by email: or visit this new WEBSITE:

altSkate Australia has concluded an extensive CEO recruitment process over the past two months. The Board is pleased to announce the appointment of Hamish McLean as CEO, who best met the needs of the role.

Hamish is an experienced sports business professional who has consulted to a number of NSO’s and corporate clients in the sector on commercialisation and consumer research matters. Hamish has also worked in project management and international business development roles for two ASX top-ten companies, and in Australia’s largest privately owned management consulting firm. He has extensive volunteer experience across High Performance and Participation growth in multiple sports, and he will bring a strong appreciation of the passion which drives volunteers and staff alike.

To provide Skate Australia with a smooth transition, there will be an overlap period for the next month with the outgoing CEO, Matt Helmers.

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