With only a few days before the start of Oceania's 2014, skaters from around Australia put their final training under wraps and prepare to travel to Palmerston North in New Zealand.

This years Oceania team are as follows:

Grace Stevens WA Junior Ladies
Taylor Thompson WA Junior Ladies
Kayla Northover VIC Junior Ladies
Hannah Linn VIC Junior Ladies
India Gouldberg WA Junior Ladies
Sarah Richardson VIC Cadet Girls
Charmaine Chu VIC Cadet Girls
Giselle Stogdale VIC Cadet Girls
Kaylee Lewsen WA Cadet Girls
Daryl Hunter VIC Masters 40+
Daniel Higgins VIC Senior Men
Dakota Stephan VIC Junior Men
Mitchell Ross VIC Junior Men
Ashley Hunter VIC Cadet Boys
Kosei Liu VIC Cadet Boys
Alex Myint WA Cadet Boys
Dareo Rogers VIC Cadet Boys
Josh Clements WA Cadet Boys

The team arrive in Palmerston North on the 18th April accompanied by coach Daniel Thomson and team manager Chris Rowlandson. We are looking forward to meeting up with old acquaintances and forging new friendships whilst striving for excellence on the track.


- Christine

The 2014 Speed National Championships took place in Brisbane this January.

To view the official program, click here.

Results can be found below. 


R01 - R21 200m Time Trial
R22 - R34 1500m, 3000m, 10K
R35 - R61 500m
R62 - R67 5k, 10k, 20k
R68 - R85 1000m
R86 - R98 1500m, 5000m
R99 - R105 Relays

T01 - T17 300m Time Trial
T18 - T32 1500m, 3000m
T33 - T50 1000m
T51 - T74 500m
T75 - T80 3000m, 5000m
T81 - T85 Relays

M1-M6 Marathon


Congratulations to those that were selected to represent Australia in the 2014 World and Oceania Championships.

Selections are as follows:

2014 World Team

Robbie Cook
Cameron Downes
Sam Evans
Liam Garriga
Paul Garriga
Dan Harris

Ilease Lorberg
Sandra Lorenz
Angeline Thomas

John Beuker
Josh Capponi
Jaiden Lanigan
Lionel Mawditt
Harry Stogdale

Team Manager Pauline Robertson
Team Coach Michael Byrne

2014 Oceania Team
Charmaine CHU
Hannah LINN
Kosei LIU
Mitchell ROSS
Team Manager Chris Rowlandson
Coach Daniel Thomson

altA world class track and top coaching are the reasons eight young Australian speed skaters have spent nine days in Timaru during their most recent school holidays.

The skaters from Skaterz Eltham and Caribbean Speed Club took up the opportunity to be coached by Bill, Cheryl and Nicole Begg on the new $400,000 track at Caroline Bay.

Squad spokesperson Joanna Birdseye said the opportunity to receive great coaching on a great track was too good to let go.

"The generosity of the Beggs and their skill and experience, along with the skating community in Timaru making us welcome, it is just fantastic."

Birdseye said only one of the eight skaters had raced in Timaru so it was a wonderful opportunity for the others.

"We don't have a banked track in Victoria, the condition of the one in Cairns is poor and it is easier to come to New Zealand than go to Perth."

To read the full story written by Stu Piddington at the Timaru Herald, click here.

altThe 2013 Speed World Championships commence next week in Oostende, Belgium.

The Australian team departed on today to squeeze in some training on the official track before the championships begin.

This years team members are:-

Senior Men
Sam Evans
Paul Garriga
Dan Harris
Jake Round
Daniel Greig

Senior Ladies
Angie Thomas
Sandra Lorincz

Junior Men
Josh Capponi
Reece Gunnell
Liam Garriga
Lionel Mawditt

For Dan, Jake, Lionel and Liam this is their first trip to Worlds.

The team will be joined by coach, Mick Byrne and Team Manager and Speed Chair, Pauline Robertson.

Click here for the official timetable.

Live streaming of the championships have been promised by the host city, via this link.

Results will be posted once received by the host.

Make sure to follow the Skate Australia Facebook for updates during the championships.

You can also follow the event more closely via the Championship Facebook.

For more information about the championships, click here.

Australian and NSW Speed Skater, Sophie Muir was inducted into the NSW Hall of Champions on Tuesday.

Sophie has represented Australia in both Inline Speed Skating and Ice Speed Skating. Her international career took off at the age of 13 when she competed as a Junior at the Oceania Championships and then the World Championships in Colombia. Between 1996 and 1999 Sophie won 12 gold and 2 silver medals . She was also crowned World Champion 6 times at the 1998, 1999 and 2000 Junior World Championships. She also held the title of State champion over all distances from 300m to 10km between 1996 and 2000.

Sophie's Junior World Championship gold medals include 300m time trial on track and 500m road race in 1998 in Italy. Her 1999 gold medals were in the 300m time trial and 500m on road. At the 2000 Championships, Sophie won gold in the 300m time trial on track and the 300m time trial on road. To cap off an impressive junior career, Sophie was the World Record holder in the 300m time trial on road in 2000.

Her transition as a senior competitor was equally outstanding. Sophie was National Champion in 2001 and 2002, winning gold in both the 300m and 500m. Internationally, she won 9 medals (7 gold and 2 silver) at the 2000 - 2001 Senior Oceania Championships and was crowned World Champion at the 2001 Senior World Championships in France, where she won gold in the 500m road race, beating three senior world champions in the process.

Adding to her remarkable achievements, Sophie made history at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games, becoming Australia's first female long track Olympic speed skater. After just 15months on the ice, she competed in the 500m and 1000m events.

Skate Australia would like to congratulate Sophie on making it to the NSW Hall of Champions, the hard work and dedication that she put into her sport deserves recognition at a state and national level!

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