10513255 10206283756112734 5843331836529893964 nA Team of 13 skaters from Victoria, Western Australia and New South Wales travelled to Namwon, Korean to compete in the 2015 Korean Open, an international event with skaters coming from all over the globe.  The Australian team arrived into Korea on Tuesday evening, they have settled in and begun training sessions to prep them for the tough competition ahead.
Racing will commence on Saturday 25th April, Australia fighting it out amongst the best. Best of luck to the skaters competeing in the 2015 Korean Open!

Active After Schools Activity Nov 2014 - Race  Final DayRun in conjunction with Skate Australia and the Australian Sports Commission, Stephen Hampson, Vice President - Speed of Skate Queensland, President of the Logan City Speed Skating Club at Hillcrest,and Level 1Coach laid the foundations for more Active After-School Communities activities with the running of the first Speed Skating activity for the Marsden State School.

 Greg Fox of the Active After-school Communities was delighted with the outcomes of the activity and commented that he was going to promote the Speed Skating activity to more schools in the region due to its success.

 Stephen had Margaret Retallick, herself a Level 1 Coach and National & Oceania Champion, working closely with Stephen to coach the children from hanging onto a rail to confidentially skating around unassisted. In fact on the last day of the session the children were confident enough to participate in a race from which the winners were awarded Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals.

The Quick Kids Bronze coaching material formed the basis of the after school activity to great success. The National Chair of Speed Skating Officials and World Championship Official, Karen Doyle also attended on the last day and acted as race official to give the children a real feel for what roller speed skating was all about.

Karen commented that the confidence gained in the children in such a short time was fantastic to see. Stephen said that the beaming faces on the children confirmed that they had a great time and the way they progressed was a testimony to its success. Stephen also went on to say that the support from Margaret Retallick assisted greatly in the success of the activity and thanked her for her support.

Stephen said that in the quest to grow the sport of Roller Speed Skating in Queensland he looked forward to more participation from other schools in the region in 2015 and wanted to encourage more children and adults to take up roller speed skating as he said that it is one sport guaranteed to get you fit.

Stephen Hampson – VP Speed.

LoganSpeed3 Digi Sept2014

It’s a desire to grow the sport of speed skating that has Australian skate representative Robert Cook working with school children this term in Logan.

Cook, a member of the Logan City Speed Skating Club, is helping to deliver the Quick Kids skate program to Marsden State School students, in conjunction with the Active After-school Communities (AASC) program.


As one of the leading speed skaters in Australia in the shorter sprint events, Cook is currently preparing for the World Speed Skating Championships to be held in Argentina this November. Previously, Cook has represented his country at junior and senior world championships in Italy, China, Columbia and Korea. He is now training six days a week with the aim of medalling at the world champs in the 500 metre outdoor race. Speed racing involved races over short (300 metres) and long distances (84 km) on various track, with competitors wearing special inline ska

tes designed to maximise speed.

In the push to develop up and coming skaters, Cook is a regular instructor at the Friday night junior program 

at Digi Roller Skating Rink in Hillcrest.
“My passion is to continue to work with youngsters who are keen to learn to skate,” Cook said. “The Quick Kids program running this term with the Marsden students has given them a taste of skate and shown the activity to be a fun option to traditional sports. “I encourage the children and their families to attend our Friday night sessions and keep improving their skate skills.”

This term the children have had the opportunities to have beginner skate sessions on site at school as well as at Digi Rink. Quick Kids is a junior participation program of Skate Australia.


To learn more about the speed skating programs on offer at Logan City, contact Stephen Hampson on 07 3273 7044.

An Australian Government initiative, delivered by the Australian Sports Commission, the AASC program is run in more than 3,200 schools and after school care centres in all states and territories with approximately 190,000 children participating each semester.


For more information about the AASC program click here.

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