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Our Priorities 

"Sport is changing and so is Skate Australia. To become a sustainable organisation capable of achieving the objectives of skaters, we first need to build solid foundations. 
That's a key focus in 2022."

community engagement

Structured opportunities for EVERYONE with an interest in skating and skate sports to talk about, tell us and listen to what's important to them. 

Nothing is off limits!

The information gathered will help inform the development of the 2023-28 Strategic Plan.

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  • A modern legal structure.

  • An expanded, skills based Board of Directors to provide strategy, direction and oversight to grow a sustainable, well managed organisation.

  • A revitalised structure of Sport Committees to manage, develop and grow each skate sport.

  • Check out the governance roadmap here.

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2023-28 strategic plan

The Strategic Plan will provide a forward focused vision, clearly outlining the strategic objectives determined by the community, stakeholders and the Skate Australia Board. 

It will guide investment into skating and skate sports for the next five years. 

Now's the time to have your say on where the focus should be!

The draft Strategic Plan will be published to this page in September 2022.


2022 National Championships for speed skating, artistic skating, inline hockey & rink hockey.

Australian teams to the 2022 World Skate Games.

Preparing the Australian high performance park and street skateboarding squad for the

2024 Olympics. 

Design of the national event pathway for skateboarding.

communications & systems

A professional, comprehensive website.


Social media campaigns to raise awareness of skate sports.


Implementation of key systems including Office365 and RevolutioniseSport to streamline operations for clubs, states and nationally.  


A data model describing the geographic locations and demographics of the 1 million skaters in Australia, to help governments understand where skate rinks and skate parks should be built.

A comprehensive, user friendly, design and cost guide for outdoor skate rinks and skate parks, to enable skate advocates and Councils to more easily collaborate to build facilities for skaters.

sport integrity

Adoption, implementation and embedding of the National Integrity Framework, to ensure skate sports are conducted in safe, fair and healthy environment.

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sport participation

A nationally promoted, locally delivered Summer Series of Come and Try Days, so anyone keen

to try artistic skating, inline hockey, rink hockey, roller derby, skateboarding and speed skating

can have an opportunity to do so.

From May to August 2022, we're inviting you to talk about, tell us and listen to what's important for skaters. 


These insights will help us develop the

Strategic Plan 2023-2028.

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