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Member Benefits

Skate Australia, is recognised as the peak body for skate sports by the Australian Sports Commission and the International Olympic Committee. The organisation acts on behalf of all clubs and members to facilitate the promotion, development and growth of skate sports in Australia.




Skate Australia promotes, develops and grows skate sports throughout Australia. We are the national sports organisation charged with making sure our skate sports have the necessary credentials to be eligible for present and future government funding.



If you are injured our insurance will cover you for up to $3000 of non-Medicare expenses. And if you are a competitive member our insurer will help you with some money while you are off work with loss of income protection.


You can become a nationally qualified coach and/or official in your sport. This also means as an athlete you will experience a higher standard of competition due to a consistent and quality national standard that this coach and official education brings.


You can represent your club, state and even Australia at official events including national and international world championships.



Being a member gives you access to various grants and individual scholarships; through outside agencies. We can also provide you with assistance and support in obtaining these grants.



You have access to all Skate Australia Programs & Resources.

Become a Member

Get in touch with the State that you live in to apply for Individual Membership or follow further instructions below.


Victorian Inline Hockey Organisation (VIHO)

Artistic Skating Victoria Inc (ASVI)

Skate Australia Victoria Speed (SAVS)

Roller Derby and Rink Hockey

Victorian Skateboarding Association

For WA members and NT Roller Derby members, please contact the Skate WA Administrator, Pauline Robertson

For NT Inline Hockey & Artistic members, please click on Queensland button above

For TASMANIA, please email

For SKATEBOARDING, please click here

ENQUIRIES, please email


Welcome and thank you for registering with SKATE AUSTRALIA!

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