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Siblings enjoy Park 2023 World Championships experience

Australian Skateboarders have returned home following the Park 2023 World Championships in Rome, Italy.

With World titles up for grabs, the park skateboarders were also vying for their chance to improve their international rankings in order to qualify for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Amongst the team of 17 athletes who ventured to the Park World Championships were siblings Keefer and Aaliyah Wilson.

Keefer was the standout performance of the Australian contingent finishing 8th place in the Men’s final while Aaliyah placed 25th in the Women’s quarter final.

“The World Championships was a great experience, I love competing in that atmosphere,” said Keefer.

“I was stoked to make the finals of this competition. I worked hard in the lead-up to the World Championships by going to the gym more and eating healthier. When I skated I was focused on my tricks for Rome.

“Moving forward I am focused to keep improving and hopefully achieve a podium finish next time.”

The siblings enjoy a unique experience having the opportunity to compete alongside one another in international competitions.

“It's good having someone that you are close to doing the same thing you are, they can understand you really well,” said Aaliyah.

“We have so much fun travelling the world and making great memories together. It’s great to give each other ideas and talk about runs.

“I find competing overseas very exciting, it's an amazing experience, and to have Keefer alongside me is great.”

Keefer reiterated his sister’s sentiments, sharing “It's really cool to have my sister with me for the big moments and I like being there to support her while she competes.

“We really support each other by cheering when we are competing and keeping the energy high during training sessions.”

In other Australian results, X Games gold medallist Arisa Trew finished in 13th place, while Ruby Trew placed 14th and Poppy Olsen placed 19th respectively in the Women’s division.

Australian Team 2023 Rome Park World Championships final results


Arisa Trew - 13th

Ruby Trew - 14th

Poppy Olsen - 19th

Aaliyah Wilson - 25th

Jada Ward - 34th

Taniah Meyers - 50th

Coco Crafter - 58th

Zahra Johns - 66th

Charlotte Heath - 69th


Keefer Wilson - 8th

Phoenix Sinnerton - 44th

Ethan Copeland - 55th

Dylan Donnini - 61st

Taj Wolfenden - 65th

Ash Wilcomes - 69th

Jake Thatcher - 87th

Keegan Palmer - DNS


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