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Skate Australia is undergoing a progressive transformation of it's governance structure from 2022 to 2024.  The following Committees are currently in place or will form in 2022, with further consultation and development underway.

Board Sub-Committees

Nominations Committee

Maree Taylor - Independent Chair

Tim McGrath - Board Representative

David Guest - Member Representative

Finance Risk & Audit Commitee

To be recruited in 2022

Integrity & Ethics Committee

To be recruited in 2022

Skateboarding High Performance Committee

Tim McGrath - Interim Chair

Corbin Harris

Esther Godoy

Alison Campbell 

Matt Burgess

National Technical Committees

Artistic Skating

Chair - Pam Young

Chair of Officials - Pat Wallace

Chair of Coaches - Jodie Johnson-Garufo

Chair - Duane Voss

Chair of Officials - Mark O'Brien

David Haynes

Donna Johnston

Dwayne Pereira


Chair - David Corliss

Chair of Officials - Terry Sanford

Chair of Coaches - Stephen Hoey


Inline Hockey

Rink Hockey

Roller Derby

Co-Chair - Ellen French

Co-Chair - Kylie York


To be recruited in 2022

Chair - Pauline Robertson

Chair of Officials - Karen Doyle

Chair of Coaches - Edward Dimmack


Speed Skating

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