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Skate Australia Initiative: 2024 World Skate Games –Vert Skateboarding Nomination

The opportunity

Skate Australia is looking to provide a development opportunity to a select few of our talented skateboarders with a nomination to compete at the World Skate Games in Vert Skateboarding in Rome, Italy, from 3-8 September 2024 through their High Performance program.

Who we are looking for

Highly motivated, passionate, and talented young skateboarders with the vision of competing for Team Australia at future international benchmark skateboarding events (World Championships and World Skate international competitions etc.). 


Skateboarders wishing to apply for this opportunity must satisfy the following essential criteria:

  1. You must be 13 years of age or older or turning 13 during the 2024 calendar year.

  2. Submit an application following the submission process outlined below.

  3. If you are successful with your application, you will need to be a member of Skate Australia.

  4. You must be an Australian citizen and hold an Australian passport.

Application process

Due to the change in competition date and venue, the application window will be open from Friday 5th July until Sunday 14th July. To apply:

  1. Submit your personal details, answer the training, coaching and competition history, and goal-setting questions.

  2. Submit 5 x unedited videos (outlined below) that demonstrate how you are going to take it to the world’s best skateboarders: 

    1. Video 1: Your first 30-sec run.

    2. Video 2: Your second 30-sec run, with notable variations* from your first run.

    3. Video 3: Best trick 1

    4. Video 4: Best trick 2

    5. Video 5: Best trick 3


Please note the following: 

  • Your 2, 30-sec runs and 3 best tricks must be completed on a Vert Ramp of 12ft or above in size

  • Your 2 Olympic-style 30-sec runs and 3 best tricks are to be completed at a Vert Ramp of your choosing.

  • *Your 2 Olympic-style 30-sec runs should have notable variations between them. Examples of these variations may be with respect to:  

    • Different tricks

    • Your safety run and your final run in competition

  • Your 3 best trick submissions must show the drop-in and be performed within a maximum of 4 vert-walls after your drop-in to the ramp. 

  • Your 3 best trick submissions must all be different tricks.

Skateboarder commitment

If selected and willing to accept this opportunity, skateboarders (and their families) should be prepared to commit to the following:

  • Self-fund all travel and accommodation costs for the skateboarder (approximately $8000AUD per person).

  • Self-fund competition registration fee ($150USD)

  • Skate Australia will provide relevant travel insurance for the athlete competing for a fee of $130*

  • Skateboarders under 18 years of age must travel with a parent/guardian as their chaperone.  

  • Skateboarders and their travelling chaperone/s must complete and abide by Team Australia's code of conduct requirements.


       *The Skateboarding High Performance Program will cover travel insurance for current nationally categorised athletes. 

Selection criteria

Selections will be made in accordance with Skate Australia’s Skateboard High Performance Committee (SHPC) Selection Policy guidelines.


Click here to view the 2024 WSG Vert Skateboarding Selection Criteria. 

Shortlisting for this initiative will occur the week commencing Monday 15th July and you will be notified of whether you have made the shortlist by Friday 19th July. Final selections will be determined based on appropriateness and viability from Wednesday 24th July 2024 onwards

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