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Roller Sports Disciplines 

High Performance

The current High Performance Program primarily supports skateboarding (park and street) and is overseen by the Skateboarding High Performance Committee who report to the Skate Australia Board.


Skateboarding High Performance Program Strategy 2024

Purpose     To support Australian athletes to be the world's best skateboarders and people.

Mission       Sustain and build in order to optimise athletes performance to enable skateboarding's athlete                                personal (individual) best performances.

Vision          Inspired Australians - Dreams realised - Success celebrated. All with character, creativity, fun                                   and flair.

Culture        Values based- Performance focused
                      What does it look like? Athlete led, coach supported, integrated performance teams, integrated                               national HP team and network.



High Performance Program is proudly supported by:


  • Australian Sports Commission

  • Australian Institute of Sport

  • Australian Olympic Committee

  • National Institute Network

    • Queensland Academy of Sport

    • Victorian Institute of Sport

    • NSW Institute of Sport

    • ACT Academy of Sport



Any general high performance program enquiries please contact:

Paris 2024 Olympic Games

Nomination Criteria- Skateboarding

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