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Rink Hockey

Rink hockey (or roller hockey) is a fast, exciting, non contact sport played by two teams on quad skates. Males and females of all ages can play and matches can be conducted indoors or outdoors.

Two five-player teams (four skaters and one goalkeeper) try to drive the ball with their sticks into the opponents' goal. The ball can only be put in motion by a stick, not the skate, otherwise a foul will be stated. The game has two 25-minute halves, with 15-minute halftime, plus up to two 5-minute golden goal periods to settle ties with the clock stopping when the ball becomes dead. If the tie persists, a penalty shootout will determine the winner.

Players – including the goalie – use quad skates, whereas inline skates are used in inline hockey. Excessive contact between players is forbidden in rink hockey, unlike inline hockey.


The basic requirements are a pair of quad skates, a rink hockey stick, shin pads, knee pads, gloves and groin protection. The goal keeper has special requirements and wears leather leg pads, broader thicker gloves, shoulder and arm protection. The goal keepers face is covered with a firm wire mask and helmet.

Rules and Regulations

World Skate provides the current rules of the game and regulations at its website.

Roller Hockey Australia Contacts

Chair  |  Darren Nyberg

Coaches |  Michael Gedling

Officials  |  Terence Sanford

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