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Skate Australia is the National Sporting Organisation for Skate Sports including Skateboarding, recognised by Sport Australia, the Australian Olympic Committee and the international federation, World Skate.


Founded in 1962, Skate Australia works in partnership with its affiliated State Skating Associations to bring together the diverse and active sports of Artistic Skating, Inline Downhill, Inline Freestyle, Inline Hockey, Inline Speed, Rink Hockey, Roller Derby, Roller Freestyle, Skateboarding Downhill and Street Luge, Skateboarding Vert and the Olympic Disciplines of Skateboarding Park and Street.


The sport is governed by a board of seven Directors with a vision to promote and support the development of skate sports at all levels. 

The Board is supported by a full time Chief Executive Officer. Details of the board can be found here.

Annual Reports


Skate Australia has four core business units: Executive, High-Performance Skateboarding, Finance and Membership, and Integrity. We are a small team taking on the big task of managing five sport disciplines and one Olympic Sport. 

From L-R: Debbie Savage, Will Stoyles, David Aitken, Kat Williams, Gavin Macdonald, Caitlin Honey, Beau Mitchell, Luke Macdonald (rear), Tommy Fynn (front), Ellie Daley. Absent: Lee Brown, Jodie Purves

Skateboard High Performance

High-Performance Operations Lead: Ellie Daley

High-Performance Pathways Manager: Luke Macdonald

QAS Gen-32 Coach: Tommy Fynn

Athlete Wellbeing and Engagement: Kat Williams

National Performance Pathways Coach: Beau Mitchell

National Performance Pathways Coach: Will Stoyles

Performance Systems Lead: David Aitken


CEO: Dr. Caitlin Honey

Head of Strategy and Skateboard Operations: Gavin Macdonald

High-Performance Manager: Deb Savage

Finance and Membership

Finance and Membership: Lee Brown


National Integrity Manager: Jodie Purves

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