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Artistic Skating

Artistic roller skating is a demanding and beautiful sport – strength and speed are combined with grace, poise, precision and agility.

Artistic roller skating is a fun, safe and beautiful sport that is active worldwide. There are four disciplines, freeskating, dance skating, precision skating and figure skating.​



Freeskating is individual performance. It involves a choreographed routine to music that incorporates jumps, spins and intricate footwork. Skaters taking up freeskating learn coordination, techniques of jumps and spins and also the creativity of dance and drama in their artistic impression. For couples, this discipline extends to pairs skating where athletic power and strength produces magic routines involving overhead lifts and breathtaking spins in duets.


Dance Skating

Dance skating combines the grace of ballet and the rhythm and precision of ballroom dancing. Individuals or couples can perform dance. Skaters start by learning compulsory dances such as tangos, waltzes and marches . As part of their dance training, skaters learn timing, poise and expression. For couples, this discipline can progress to Free Dance where skaters perform duets involving a
range of lifts, footwork and imaginative choreography in time to music.

Precision Skating

Precision skating is team skating. Precision involves creatively choreographed and presented routines involving set patterns and manoeuvres performed to music, by teams of between 6 and 24 skaters. It relies less on the high level of skills required for freeskating and dance and more on teamwork and accuracy to skate in unison.

Figure Skating

Figure skating incorporates the most basic and important skills of artistic roller skating – skating on “edges”. Intricate turns and shapes are tracked on predetermined circles marked on the floor. Skaters learn balance and the skill of fine control over their skates as they learn and progress through more than sixty different figures.


World Skate provides the current rules of the game and regulations at its website.

Key Contacts

Chair | Pam Young     Email
Officials | Dr Patricia Wallace     Email
Coaches |  Jodie Johnson-Garufo     Email


2020 Minutes - AAC AGM

2020 Minutes - CAOC AGM

Rules of the Australian Artistic Committee (Version 21) Updated version under construction.

Commissioned Artistic Officials Committee Rules (Version 24) Updated version under construction.

Freeskating Manual (Edition 13, 2017) Updated version under construction.

Att 1_1 - New Commission Tech Specialist Application

Att 1 - New Commission Application (other than Tech Specialist)

Att 1A - Commission Update Application


Australian Artistic Coaching Committee

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World Skate Artistic Technical Committee

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