Skate Australia have partnered with Gallaghers insurance brokers to create a National Insurance Program tailored to the specific risks associated with skating. 

Public Liability & Professional Indemnity Insurance


This liability insurance has been tailored to cover Skate Australia members for all facets of skating including participation, promotion and organisation. As long as an affiliated club is only involved in activities sanctioned by Skate Australia, they generally won’t require additional Public Liability cover. However, if a club is operating a commercial skating rink or facility they will need additional insurance coverage for this business.

Professional Indemnity covers Skate Australia accredited coaches and officials against legal and associated costs that may arise in the case of an accusation of negligent acts, errors or omissions.

Personal Accident Insurance

This covers Skate Australia members who are injured while participating in sanctioned events. Gallagher has achieved great value premiums by conducting a full sporting risk analysis, premium pooling through a national program and a proactive approach to risk management.

Although this Personal Accident Insurance covers standard benefits and sums, we strongly recommend skaters also take out their own insurance. Our skating specialist brokers can discuss your individual circumstances and the best insurance options for protecting yourself and your future.

Association Liability Program

This policy covers Skate Australia’s participating affiliated state, league and incorporated club bodies. The cover extends to nominated representatives of these insured bodies, such as directors, trustees, employees and volunteers.

Property Insurance Program

Gallagher has collaborated with Skate Australia to create an additional comprehensive insurance option for skate rinks, skating clubs and centres. Members are invited to join this policy, which provides comprehensive coverage for equipment, offices and property. Specifically tailored to suit the needs of skating clubs, this policy also includes additional benefits and increased cover limits. 


Club, State, Branch Officials must ensure that anyone returning  to the sport from injury that required medical treatment and insurance claim MUST get a fitness to return to participation by the treating doctor i.e. registered medical practitioner (submitted to state body) before they step onto skates.