Inline Hockey

Inline hockey is a fast and exciting team sport, played by people of all ages and skill levels both indoors and outdoors.


Inline hockey involves two teams, with a minimum of five players per team including a goalie, who attempt to obtain possession of the puck and score in the opponents goal.


Equipment includes 'L' shaped inline hockey sticks, inline skates and protective gear. It's fun, fast and competitive.


Rules and Regulations

World Skate provides the current international rules of the game and regulations at its website.

Inline Hockey Australia 


Inline Hockey Australia (ILHA) is a branch of Skate Australia and promotes, develops and encourages participation at all levels of inline hockey in Australia.

A key focus is to develop, train and select players to represent Australia in international competition, including World Skate Championships, World Cups, Oceania Championships and various other Tournaments each year.

National Executive Committee 

Duane Voss is Chair and leads a  skills based committee whose focus is on the governance, strategic direction, sustainability and marketing and communications of inline hockey.

Chair | Duane Voss

Chair of Officials | Andrew Johnston

Chair of Coaches | Duane Voss

Secretary | David Haynes

Treasurer | Dwayne Pereira

Media & Communications |Donna Johnston

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Mighty Pucks - Learn to Play Inline Hockey 

The Mighty Pucks program aims to increase and enhance participation in inline hockey, developing opportunities for both recreational and competitive skaters.

The program teaches all the skills required for inline hockey over four skill levels, Bronze (Learn to Play), Silver, Gold and Platinum, providing 10 detailed lesson plans at each level.


The Mighty Pucks resources are available to all, provided that:

  • you give credit to the author (Skate Australia) (attribution)

  • you do not on-sell the content (only for non-commercial purposes)