Policies and Regulations

Skate Australia became a company limited by guarantee in 2022.  A full review of all policies is underway during 2022 and revised policies will be posted here as they are adopted. 


Skate Australia Ltd Constitution

Sport Integrity Policies - National Integrity Framework

National Integrity Framework

Effective 1 May 2022

Member Protection Policy
Effective 1 May 2022

Child Safeguarding Policy
Effective 1 May 2022

Child Safeguarding Policy - South Australian Addendum

Effective 1 May 2022

Improper Use of Drugs and Medicines Policy

Effective 1 May 2022

Competition Manipulation and Sports Wagering Policy

Effective 1 May 2022

Complaints, Disputes and Discipline Policy

Effective 1 May 2022

Anti-Doping Policy

Effective 1 January 2021

Sport Integrity - Complementary Policies

Conduct and Disciplinary Policy

Effective 1 April 2022

Personal Grievances Policy

Effective 1 April 2022

Whistleblower Policy

Effective 1 April 2022

Other Policies

Membership Categories
Last updated Feb 2015

Privacy Policy
Last updated Nov 2006

Directors Code of Conduct
Adopted 10 August 2020

Appointment of Team Managers & Coaches
Last updated Jan 2010


Australian Branch Committees
Last updated Oct 2013

Team Clothing
Last updated Aug 2008

Sanctions & Competitions
Last updated July 2015

Conditions of Entry
Last updated Aug 2009

Use of SA Logo & Brands
Last updated Feb 2012

International Competition Nominations, Travel & Accommodation
Last updated Sept 2005

Roller Hockey Committee

Last updated Aug 2008

Inline Hockey Committee
Last updated Dec 2013

Pregnancy Policy
Last updated Feb 2009

Junior Sport Policy
Last updated Jan 2011

Social Media Policy
Last updated Aug 2012

Inclusion Policy
Last updated Dec 2012

Concussion Guidelines Policy
for attachments, please contact the office

Roller Derby League Accountabilities & Requirements
Issued September 2014

Oceania Confederation of Roller Sports (OCRS) Statutes
Last updated April 2008

Volunteer Recognition Policy
Last updated 2014