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Letty Leading the Way in Australian Rink Hockey

No matter where in the world he’s called home, Jordan Letty has always found a place to play Rink Hockey. From France to Spain and now Australia, Letty’s love of the game is as strong as ever.

French born Letty was destined to become a Rink Hockey player. He was introduced to the sport by his father, was skating at the age of three and playing by the time he was five.

He spent a year playing Rink Hockey in Spain, but the friendships that he forged on the rink in Australia was one of the reasons he chose to pursue permanent residency here.

“I was lucky to live in a few different countries during my studies and after a six-month internship in Brisbane, I knew I wanted Australia to be my new home,” Letty said.

“The lifestyle is incomparable to any other country I lived in before, but it wasn’t really until I obtained the Permanent Residency four years ago that I decided Australia will be my new forever home.

“Hockey was a big part of my decision. Despite being a small community in Australia, I made some amazing friends through hockey and was welcomed with open arms from day one,” he said.

Now living in Perth, Letty’s passion for the sport continues to grow. He is a member of the Kwinana Roller Hockey Club, which is the only Rink Hockey Club in the state. His dedication to the sport is matched by his teammates who regularly travel interstate for competitions.

He recently represented Australia at the 2022 World Skate Games in Argentina and is hoping to inspire a new generation of players.

“It’s a lot of sacrifice and commitment to work full time and train three/four times a week on and off skates and travel to Melbourne multiple times over many weekends for Australian squad trainings, but I’m proud of what I have accomplished.

“I am one of the oldest players in the team and I hope I can bring that experience to the youngest players in the team. The team has a strong young generation coming through and we have shown during the World Roller Games that we can compete with higher ranked countries, but we need to work harder locally to be able to compete with these teams during the whole competition,” he said.

“My best highlight so far is without a doubt playing the World Roller Games in Argentina last year for my first international competition representing Australia.

“Argentinians are very passionate people and rink hockey is one of their favourite sports. The atmosphere during the games was exceptional and it was truly a once in a lifetime experience,” Letty said.

Since moving to Western Australia, Letty has had great support from the small but engaged Rink Hockey community.

“I would like to thank Jamie Reid and the Kwinana Roller Hockey Club for the support since I moved to WA. The support from the club has been extremely important to help me go to the World Roller Games and represent Australia. I would also like to thank my family and fiancée, who have always been very supportive and understanding of the sacrifices required to compete at the highest level,” he said.


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