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Skate Australia launches new Strategic Plan through to 2028

The Skate Australia Board is pleased to unveil the new Strategic Plan 2023-2028, which is designed to bring together all forms of skating and create real growth for the sport over the next six years.

With the Australian Sports Commission’s (ASC) AusPlay report highlighting the surge in skate sports popularity, the Skate Australia Board recognises the opportunity to engage with a new generation of skaters, working collaboratively with the various disciplines, State Associations and government partners.

The plan is designed to inspire Australians through all forms of skating, with Skate Australia boasting six disciplines, including the Olympic discipline skateboarding.

As part of the ‘green and gold decade’ that will culminate with the Brisbane Olympic Games in 2032, there is a greater opportunity to shine a spotlight on sport participation, engagement and infrastructure, not just in Olympic disciplines, but across the sport.

Skate Australia Chair, Dr Phil Hamdorf, said the new Strategic Plan is a result of significant consultation and is designed to connect the whole sport.

“A wide range of stakeholders have contributed to the development of this plan and include the Skate Australia Board, State Associations, discipline representatives, government partners and grassroots volunteers.

“Together we have formed a clear ambition to inspire Australians through all forms of skating. The plan strives to create and promote strong brands, support skater needs and lifestyles, build financial sustainability and deliver community outcomes.

“We will achieve this by embracing inclusivity, respectfulness, engagement and innovation. Skating through all its forms has immense potential for growth and development in Australia.

“From grassroots participation through to elite performances on the world stage, we aim to build a more sustainable, vibrant and united sport for future generations of skaters. We look forward to working with the skate community and our stakeholders across Australia to bring this strategic plan to life,” he said.

The purpose of the plan is to provide leadership, foster community, support performance and get people rolling as a way of life.

As a sport that appeals to all ages, backgrounds and demographics, Skate Australia will look to achieve their ambitious targets by ensuring the sport is inclusive, engaging, respectful and innovative. By 2028, the sport will measure success through:

  • Create a strong brand as the go to organisation for skating.

  • Promote skate as an accessible physical activity.

  • Promote the vibrant and connected community of skate.

  • Be known for the Australian Skateboarding Teams ‘Win Well’ podium performances on the International stage.

  • Support our elite athletes across all skate disciplines to be the best that they can be at Domestic, Continental and World Championships.

  • Build a financially strong skate system with commercial partners.

  • Support the skate lifestyle meeting skaters needs.

  • Be a trusted deliverer of community outcomes by all government partners.

Click below to download the full Skate Australia Strategic Plan 2023-2028.

Skate-Australia-Strategy Final 2023
Download PDF • 21.32MB


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