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2023 Oceania and Pacific Cup Artistic Championships comes to a close

The 2023 Oceania and Pacific Cup Artistic Skate Championships wrapped up last week following five days of competition in Brisbane, Queensland.

The Championships saw 70 of the best artistic skaters from Australia, New Zealand, China, Taiwan, India, Japan, Brazil and USA come together for the event at Brisbane’s Mount Warren Sports Stadium.

Australian Team Manager Nigel Foster said hosting athletes from six different countries was a special experience.

“It was a real honour as the host nation team to welcome the athletes and coaches from other countries to compete against us.

“Every time one of our team skated off the floor with a smile, knowing they'd performed at their personal best was special. I also love seeing the athletes celebrating each other's successes.”

Australian Team Coach, Jodie Johnson-Garufo, supported eight athletes at the competition, and shared their success was a great achievement given the quality of skaters.

“I had eight skaters involved in the event and they all performed personal bests,” she said.

“From the eight skaters, four won their events, two skaters received silver medals, one skater a bronze medal and the other skater a fourth place. I am very happy with the results they achieved in such a big field of skaters.”

Masters Ladies Solo Dance and Solo Style Dance Champion, Sharyn Harris, said while her win was a great achievement, showcasing the sport was the real prize.

“Having people enjoy my performance is all I really want to achieve,” Harris said.

“A podium finish is the ‘cherry on top’ and makes me so humble that I can still do the sport that I love.”

Fellow athlete Andrew Beattie, who is the newly crowned Senior Men's Solo Dance Champion, said that the atmosphere of the competition set it apart from others.

“The atmosphere was always electric with the support of skaters who share an interest in the

sport, particularly when a skater of their country was performing,” he said.

“An Oceania Championship is special in itself. With the inclusion of the Pacific Cup welcoming

skaters from various other countries, this allowed for new forms of team spirit as well as a fresh perspective of skating techniques in other disciplines.”

Final results from the 2023 Oceania and Pacific Cup Artistic Championships can be found here.


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