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Australian Artistic Roller Skating Team reflect on World Skate Artistic International Series experience

Last month, seven members of Australia’s Artistic Roller Skating Team headed to Trieste, Italy to compete at the World Skate Artistic International Series. 

Skaters from 30 countries came together for the third edition of the Artistic Internationals Series with the competition taking place from May 17 to 26. 

The Australian team attended the competition for international experience, with each skater striving for their own personal bests and to help prepare for the World Skate Games taking place later this year. 

Seven athletes included Andrew Beattie, Jessalyn Brown, Laura Cameron, Kara O’Gorman, Sophia Garufo, Willow Burr and Isadora Deng. 

Former Australian Artistic Team Manager Nigel Foster said the experience had been invaluable for many of the athletes. 

"We're immensely proud of our athletes and their performances while in Italy for the competition. I am told by their coaches that their determination and attitudes throughout the competition was outstanding."

Senior Ladies Solodance skater Laura Cameron reflected on her experience, sharing the opportunity to represent her country was a standout. 

“I had many favourite moments from this competition experience. From watching great programs to training with some of the world's best I don't feel I can just summaries into one moment,” said Cameron. 

“It was special to represent my country, and having the opportunity to compete as an athlete on the international stage.

“The opportunity allowed me to learn many skills as a person, to cope and manage myself in such an intense environment. To see and understand what was good and what needs improvement as well as seeing self improvement. All positive things to take away!”

Fellow Australian teammate Sophia Garufo said competing alongside other athletes was a valuable experience, “The best part of the experience was seeing the other competitors, being inspired by their speed and energy, and the international friendships we made," said Garufo. 

Mini Ladies Solodance skater Isadora Deng echoed Sophia’s sentiments, "The best thing about this competition was meeting new friends and seeing all the top skaters. And I can't forget about all the food!"

The experience brought about new found confidence for Senior Ladies Solodance skater Kara O’Gorman,” Competing among talented experienced skaters pushed me beyond my limits, revealing a newly found determination. It has not only enhanced my skills but also boosted my confidence,” she said. 

"What I have learnt from this experience is to continually strive for greatness and embrace every opportunity for personal growth."

The Australian Team paid gratitude to  Australian Judge, Briony Beckett, who was  invited to officiate for the first time at the worldwide level. The team credited Briony with handling herself very well and managing the epic workload of events and very long days.

Australia’s Artistic Roller Skaters will now prepare for the World Skate Oceania Championships and Pacific Cup in New Zealand from 13 to 17 June. 


  • Andrew Beattie (Senior Men Solodance)

  • Jessalyn Brown (Senior Ladies Solodance)

  • Laura Cameron (Senior Ladies Solodance)

  • Kara O'Gorman (Senior Ladies Solodance)

  • Sophia Garufo (Junior Ladies Solodance)

  • Willow Burr (Cadet Ladies Solodance) 

  • Isadora Deng (Mini Ladies Solodance) 


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