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Call for Nominations - Elected Directors

Skate Australia Inc. is pleased to call for nominations for three (3) Elected Directors to fill casual vacancy positions, each for a period of 3 years.

As per Clause 13 of the Constitution, nominees cannot be an employee of Skate Australia Ltd., a Member State or an Affiliated Member. Nominees who hold an Official Position with a Member State or an Affiliated Member are required to stand down on a successful appointment to the Board of Skate Australia Ltd.

Based on the current and required skills of Directors, the Nominations Committee is seeking individuals who can demonstrate knowledge and expertise in the areas of High Performance, Governance, Constitutional Procedure, Finance, and Audit and Risk Management.

Nominations open Wednesday 17th August 2022, and will close at 2:00pm (EST) 19th September 2022

Please find the relevant form here, and return to

For further details on Skate Australia's policies and by-laws, please see the policies section of our website, here.


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