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Rory Armfield and Carmen Bryant announced as World Skate Games Flag Bearers

Skate Australia is pleased to announce the two Australian Artistic Skate athletes who will serve as Australia's Flag Bearers at this year's Skate World Games in Argentina; Ruairidh (Rory) Armfield, 22, of Queensland, and Carmen Bryant, 20, of South Australia.

Armfield began skating at the age of eight and has gone on to win five Australian national championships in solo dance (three for junior, two for senior) and four national championships in couples.

This is his fifth time representing Australia at a World Championship, but his first time as flag bearer.

“I felt very honoured when I was told I would be one of the bearers of the Australian Flag. It feels great to get a chance to represent my country in the Opening Ceremony and to be recognised for the experience of being able to go to many world championships,” Armfield said.

Bryant, first learnt to skate when she was 2 years old as it was a big part of her parents and families history, so it wasn't long before she discovered her passion for artistic skating.

Bryant has gone on to compete in five Australian Championships and has won two Oceania Championships since 2015. In 2018, she finished 17th at the German Cup, and in 2019, finished 11th. Bryant also competed in the Sedmak Bressen Trophy in Trieste, Italy, in 2019, finishing 11th. Fast forward to 2022, and after a two-year pause due to the COVID pandemic, Carmen competed once again at Trieste, this time as a senior, finishing seventh.

Bryant was overcome with emotion and a slight tint of jetlag when she received the news.

“It made me a bit emotional, I think some of it was the jet lag but also the quick response to choosing me as the ‘obvious choice’ was a pretty proud moment,” Bryant said.

Armfield and Bryant are ready to make their country proud, each holding the Australian flag as high as they can as they lead the Australian Skate Team into the Opening Ceremony in Buenos Aris. To watch the Opening Ceremony live, it will be streamed on the morning of the 30th of October from 10 am (ADST) on


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