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Skate Australia supports Special Olympics initiative

Skate Australia is pleased to support the recently announced Special Olympics initiative eLearning course to Enhance PE Teaching for Students with Disabilities. 

The new eLearning course, “Delivering Physical Education (PE) for Students with Intellectual Disability and Autism” will aim to enhance the sport and physical education experiences for students with disabilities and autism. 

Skate Australia’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr Caitlin Honey said the organisation is supportive of initiatives that work to make sport more inclusive in Australia. 

“Skate Australia continues to work towards inclusivity for all in our sport, we are pleased to support the newly announced Special Olympics initiative,” said Dr Honey. 

We are proud to partner with the Australian sporting alliance for people with a disability (ASAPD) and support the new resources developed to Enhance PE Teaching for Students with Disabilities. 

“Skate Australia encourages all members of our community to engage with these resources to find elements that may be of assistance to them. 

For resources please visit: 


New course for people coaching/working with athletes with intellectual impairments media release and link (this is useful to know given the increase in diagnosis of autism etc)


Including people with disability in school sports:


Connecting individuals to the NDIS for physical activity:


Support services (housing, finance, education, leisure etc):


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