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Skate Australia celebrates National Volunteers Week

This week marks National Volunteers Week, providing an opportunity to highlight the important role of volunteers in our community. Skate Australia is fortunate to have many skilled and experienced volunteers lending a helping hand across all of our disciplines. 

Skate Australia CEO Dr Caitlin Honey said “Our volunteers are the lifeline of our sport, without them we simply could not run events and competitions for our community. 

“This week is a great opportunity to give thanks and acknowledge the hard work of all volunteers in our community, in the variety of important roles and responsibilities they look after.”

Skate Australia spoke with several of our community members to find out what they enjoy most about volunteering. 

Morag Pallister has been a regular volunteer since 1995, having first got involved when his children were competing. While his children are no longer actively involved in competing, Morag has continued to be a committee member, a treasurer and registrar at club, state, and National level, Chair of officials and  team manager for State and International teams. 

“I enjoy being involved with activities which my children participate in and have over the years made lots of good friends,” said Morag. 

“I like being able to help our sport move forward which can only be accomplished if we volunteer. Volunteering allows me to utilise my abilities for the benefit of others.

Paul Gallagher also known as ‘Honey Badger’ , President of Northern Rivers Roller Derby and for the last 6 years having also served as the head coach and head referee, first started volunteering in 2012. 

Over the past 12 years Paul has been an official at over 400 Roller Derby games across every state in Australia and also having officiated a tournament in New Zealand. 

“Volunteering, especially as a referee, has allowed me to spend time travelling with my wife and now adult children who are all involved in the sport and has allowed us to see the country and meet so many amazing people in the derby community,” said Paul. 

“It’s a big derby family and no matter where we go in Australia we have an amazing community to connect with so just get out there and enjoy it, you won’t regret it.”

Ross Salkic is a relatively recent addition to the Skate Australia volunteer ranks, giving his time as a trainee EM, student calculator, video review and videographer at most competitions across NSW. 

“Behind the scenes I take care of all the technical equipment apart from the music and MC equipment, ensuring all equipment is operational, clean, updated and serviced after every competition,” said Ross. 

 “What I enjoy the most is seeing all our skaters have a near trouble free comp, enjoy themselves and provide a professional approach to the sport.

“Anyone wanting to become a volunteer should be prepared and willing to help in any way they can, there is always plenty to do for pretty much anyone.”

If you’re looking to get involved as a volunteer visit here.  


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