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Skate Australia YouFor2032 program

Skate Australia’s YouFor2032 program ended on Saturday following six months of training and educational sessions for young athletes in Queensland.

Over 30 athletes travelled from around Queensland to Redbank Plains Skatepark to showcase their newly learned skills and to celebrate as a team.

The Youfor2032 program, run in conjunction with the Queensland Academy of Sport was designed to identify, select, and develop the next generation of Queensland Olympic and Paralympic champions.

Over the six-month period, athletes came together in hubs based in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and North Queensland to develop their skills and tricks. Athletes also had opportunities to access online resources on training, nutrition and wellbeing and attend high-performance education camps at the QAS in Brisbane.

Skate Australia’s Performance Pathways Manager, Luke MacDonald said the program was a supportive and positive environment for the young athletes involved.

“The good vibes at the final event was reflective of the last six months in the program, it’s been good vibes the whole time,” he said.

“It’s been an awesome experience, to see the kids come together and form friendships, skating together and developing as athletes has been great to witness.

“With young talent, we know if you bring all the best ones together that all ships rise with the tide and we have seen that with such great progression these athletes.”

MacDonald said Skate Australia hope the athletes leave the program with an understanding of future opportunities in the sport.

“We hope that from this experience the athletes walk away knowing that there is an exciting future for skateboarding in this country.

“We want them to know that they can dream long-term and that there are opportunities for them both in Australia and on the world stage if they set their mind to it.

“Skate Australia is currently putting together a national pathways program that will be a step up from YouFor2032 to support the best up-and-coming skaters from around the country.

“YouFor2032 will return next year, athletes develop at different rates so to have the opportunity to keep working with some from this group and new faces will be invaluable.”

MacDonald highlighted the efforts of coaches involved in the program, thanking them for their commitment.

“I would like to thank all our network coaches; Pat Gemzik from Brisbane, Jesse Noonan on the Gold Coast, Kodan Lynam and Leon Mollenhauer on the Sunshine Coast and Brenton Hawkins in North Queensland for their hard work over the last six months.

“These coaches ran terrific programs on the ground, creating great environments for the athletes and caregivers.

“I’d also like to acknowledge Will Stoyles, Skate Australia’s Performance Pathways Coach who has been instrumental in the success of this program.”

Information on Skate Australia’s upcoming performance pathways initiatives can be found at

Skate Australia’s Youfor2032 2023 squad

  • Abby Rose McMahon

  • Archie Ackerie

  • Tristan Moffat

  • Oliver Macdonald

  • Taj Branch

  • Alec Smith Heck

  • Jack Lewis

  • Louis Sullivan

  • Joakim Wuoti

  • Zephyr Still

  • Noa Barnes

  • Lexi Pascoe

  • Hudson Birss

  • Reef Lewis

  • Ellie Burrows

  • Frode Hojgaard

  • Phoenix Andreasson

  • Jaxon Passey

  • Mitchell King

  • Eli Waterson

  • Beau Waterson

  • Tahnu Harrison

  • Kaiko Harrison

  • Cora Wilton

  • Coco Crafter

  • Hudson Walker

  • Summer Rackley

  • Zion Gallagher

  • Louie Daiguchi

  • Chihiro Young

  • Mackay List

  • Ilaan Syme

  • Kase Manns

  • Freddie Hazelton


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