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The 2023 Asian Roller Skating Championships will be held in Beidaihe, China from 18-28 October 2023.

It will be the 19th running of the Championships, with Australia to be represented across three skating disciplines: Roller Hockey, Inline Freestyle and Speed Skating.

Skate Australia is proud to announce the 34 athletes who have been selected to travel to China to represent the green and gold at this event.

The three Speed Skaters will compete across track and road events, while the Inline Freestyle team will compete in Speed Slalom, Classic Slalom, Battle Slalom, Slide and Free Jump events.

The Rink Hockey competition doubles as the Asia-Oceania Championships and qualifying tournament for the World Skate Games.

Inline Freestyle Team

  • Jesse Matthysz

  • Henry Shan

  • Zheng Liang Zeng

  • Ethan Che Liu

  • Gloria Zhu

  • Phoebe Wu

  • Jennifer Wu

  • Angela Wu

Head Coach: Xiaoxue Zhong

Assistant Coach : Zheyu Tang

Team Manager : Jingfeng Yang

Roller Hockey Men’s Team

  • Filippo Bassoli

  • Jordan Letty

  • Bevan Hurley

  • William Hoey

  • Jorge Miranda Pinto

  • Oscar Hoey

  • Curtis Parnell

  • Lachlan Nichols

  • Navdeep Aulakh

  • Rees Leighton

  • Jamie Crawford

Head Coach: Stephen Hoey

Assistant Coach / Team Manager: Claudio Munoz

Mechanic: Miguel Martinez Carballal

Roller Hockey Women’s Team

  • Alice Fletcher

  • Anika Jurovic

  • Cerys Parnell

  • Charlotte Flenady

  • Ellen Fletcher

  • Freya Garrard

  • Hannah Lincoln

  • Jaycie Hooper

  • Katrina Baxter

  • Maddison Crawford

  • Paula Sakuma

  • Scarlet Capewell

Head Coach: James Reid

Team Manager: Louise Baxter

Assistant Coach: James Murray

Speed Skating Team

  • Stuart Cowin

  • Shakaya Bleyenberg

  • Asha Hickford


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