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Aussie Skateboarders named to compete at 2024 Dubai World Skateboarding Pro Tours

26 Australian Skateboarders have been named to compete in the two upcoming 2024 Dubai World Skateboarding Pro Tours, the last qualification event in Phase 1 for both Park and Street athletes heading towards Paris 2024.

The Dubai World Skateboarding Pro Tours will run consecutively with the Park event taking place from February 25 to March 3, and the Street event following after from March 3 - 10. 

The Park team is headlined by Tokyo 2020 Gold Medallist Keegan Palmer. He will be joined by X Games Gold Medallist Arisa Trew and Ruby Trew. Rounding out the team will be Kieran Woolley, Keefer Wilson Ash Wilcomes, Ethan Copeland, Phoenix Sinnerton, Taj Wolfenden, Jake Harvey, Harvey Campbell, Charlotte Heath, Poppy Olsen, Aaliyah Wilson, alongside Performance Pathways athletes Jada Ward and Coco Crafter.

The Street team features Tokyo 2020 Olympian Shane O’Neill and X Games Gold medallist Chloe Covell. Alongside them are seven of Australia’s top skaters Tommy Fynn, Rome Collyer, Daniel Woolley, Jack Lewis, Haylie Powell, Olivia Lovelace, Felicity Turner and Performance Pathways athlete Ella Ledginham. 

Skate Australia National Coach Beau Mitchell expressed the importance of the event for Australia’s Paris 2024 Olympic hopefuls. 

“The team has been preparing for the last Olympic qualifying event for phase 1 in Dubai since just after Christmas,” he said. 

“The event is super critical to ensuring a spot in Phase 2 of the qualification process, and potentially the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. 

“After the two events in Dubai, the field will be cut down to the top 44 skaters for both Park and Street per gender. It’s also important for all the skaters that are high in the rankings to continue to build their performances towards Phase 2, so that they peak at the right time. 

“The Dubai park is brand-new and purpose-built for this competition, so all the skaters are very excited but will need to adapt as quickly as they can after the three practice days. 

“The team is very focused and I’m looking forward to seeing them all compete and put down some solid performances.”

Dubai World Skateboarding Park Pro Tour begin with three days of official practice sessions on February 25 before the competition kicks off on Wednesday 28 February.

Australian Team for 2024 Dubai World Skateboarding Park Pro Tour

Keegan Palmer

Kieran Woolley

Keefer Wilson

Ash Wilcomes

Ethan Copeland

Phoenix Sinnerton

Taj Wolfenden

Jake Harvey

Harvey Campbell 

Ruby Trew

Arisa Trew

Charlotte Heath

Poppy Olsen

Aaliyah Wilson

Jada Ward

Coco Crafter

Australian Team for 2024 Dubai World Skateboarding Street Pro Tour

Shane O'Neill

Tommy Fynn

Rome Collyer

Daniel Woolley

Jack Lewis

Chloe Covell

Haylie Powell

Olivia Lovelace

Felicity Turner

Ella Ledginham


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