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Skate Australia Rolls Into New Era

Skate Australia’s new Executive Director sees an abundance of opportunities for small wheeled sports in a time which has been challenging for sporting organisations.

The pandemic fuelled spike in recreational roller skating and skateboarding as well as a successful Olympic debut has inspired a fresh wave of interest in activities that were previously perceived as a free-spirited pastime.

The addition of skateboarding to the Olympic program and success of the Australian team has attracted the attention of Australians across the nation, galvanising new interest, investment and pathways for the sports that are part of the national sporting organisation, Skate Australia.

“It’s an organisation with something for everyone,” said Ariane de Rooy who has been announced as the new Executive Director of Skate Australia.

“Whether you want the power of speed skating, the camaraderie of roller derby, the creativity of skateboarding, the teamwork of hockey or the grace of artistic skating – it ticks every box. Most of us have owned skates or a skateboard and had a lot of fun with them.

“People skate from Bondi to Broome, from Hobart to Alice Springs and there are many opportunities available to develop both our recreational and competitive landscapes. I’m looking forward to meeting people from across all our sports, listening to their stories and understanding their perspectives.”

de Rooy’s arrival comes at an exciting time for skating.

Restrictions on gyms and fitness centres, and the cancellation of mass participation events during the sequence of lockdowns called for a pivot in how people pursued physical activity.

Its social media appeal – TikTok’s #rollerskating page has 5.4 billion views – ignited an appetite for a sport that can be both dynamic and graceful, and with a capacity to be enjoyed anywhere.

Throw in the Olympics’ arrival as a golden destination for skateboarding’s pathway of excellence, and there now is real momentum for small wheeled sports.

Driving that momentum even further is the mission for de Rooy who has landed at Skate Australia following previous roles at Sport Australia, Sport England, the Queensland Rugby Union and Brisbane Roar Football Club working across governance, growth, strategic planning, finance, integrity and risk and people and culture.

Skate Australia President Karen Doyle said the Board was delighted with the strength of applicants for the role. “Ariane has a wide breadth of business experience and has implemented strategies across a range of sports and mid-size businesses, making her an ideal choice to lead Skate Australia into our next phase,” she said.

Ariane was selected after an extensive recruitment process supported by Sport Australia.

She said it was a brilliant opportunity to work with skaters who have so much to offer, both to the sporting world and to the wider community.

de Rooy is the latest senior executive to join Skate Australia, following the recent appointment of Kim Crane, Corbin Harris, Esther Godoy, Alison Campbell and Matt Burgess as the inaugural High Performance Skateboarding Committee.

A nationwide search will soon commence for a Skateboarding High Performance Manager to focus on preparation for Paris 2024.


Damien Stannard, Elan Media & Communications

0413 187 693

Ariane de Rooy, Executive Director

0482 601 769


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