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Skate Australia announces new Skateboard Development Program

Skate Australia is pleased to announce the first national talent development program in Australian Skateboarding, SBP.

The SBP program will aim to support and develop the next generation of Australian Skateboarders towards becoming high-performance athletes within the Performance Pathways Program. 

32 athletes from across Australia have been selected to take part in SBP. Athletes applied through the Performance Pathways National Talent ID Scan with selection decisions informed by technical profiling, training age, and current domestic and international competition trends.

The program has been designed to complement current training environments to work hand in hand with athletes’ private coaches. SBP will also serve as the primary pathway towards categorisation as an athlete supported by Skate Australia.

Skate Australia Pathways Manager Luke MacDonald said the program is an exciting step forward for the sport in Australia. 

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of our inaugural national talent development program, SBP,” said MacDonald. 

“This squad represents the pinnacle of Australian skateboarding talent, showcasing both our strengths and areas for growth. 

“With a robust presence in Men's Park Skateboarding on the global circuit, we've handpicked nine exceptional athletes, five of whom are already nationally-categorised in our Performance Pathways Program. 

“Conversely, recognising the formidable competition in Men's Street Skateboarding internationally, we've diligently selected nine athletes in hopes of narrowing the gap in this arena in the future.

“While the applicant pool for Women's skaters was notably smaller, we've made it a priority to include as many deserving candidates as possible in SBP. 

“We firmly believe in the untapped potential of Australian Women's Skateboarding and are committed to cultivating opportunities for our young female athletes. 

“Our vision is to position Australia as a dominant force in Women's Skateboarding on the global stage, and we are dedicated to nurturing and empowering our female talent for future success.”

Athletes taking part in SBP will be provided with training from Skate Australia Coaches and receive individualised performance plans that will be reviewed every 3 or 4 months, along with the opportunity to attend three development camps throughout the year. 

2024 SBP Athletes

Women's Park 

Mia Kretzer (WA)

Hailee Roberts (WA)

*Keira Ellis (VIC)

Charlea Wright (VIC)

Lilly Sherriff (VIC)

Summer Alderman (VIC)

*Jada Ward (QLD)

Coco Crafter (QLD)

Men's Park 

*Jake Harvey (VIC)

*Jake Thatcher (QLD)

Zen Dickson (QLD)

Louie Daiguchi (QLD)

Mitchell King (QLD)

Hudson Walker (NSW)

*Eddie Acres (NSW)

*Harvey Campbell (NSW)

*Taj Wolfenden (NSW)


Women's Street 

Tayah Payne (WA)

Ni Wayan Malana Fairbrother (QLD)

Abby Rose McMahon (QLD)

Ellie Burrows (QLD)

Cora Wilton (QLD)

Ella Ledingham (NSW)


Mens Street 

Leo McCaughley (VIC)

Paddy McCaughley (VIC)

Taj Branch (QLD)

*Jack Lewis (QLD)

Eli Waterson (QLD)

Jaxon Passey (QLD)

Tristan Moffat (QLD)

Olly Macdonald (NSW)

Dustin River Tondi (NSW)

*Denotes already categorised athletes in the Performance Pathways Program


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